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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

|| 11:06:14 PM
Shirley's VETO

As expected, Shirley Franklin vetoed three pieces of City Council legislation dealing with the sewer/water issue. Being the drama queen that she is, the Mayor of course waited until the 11th hour (literally) to do so to show that she is trying to work with the Council. She knew she would VETO this legislation the day after it was passed.

You can read the text of her veto letter to the City Council here.

Nothing real surprising there.

I do wonder, however, if the Mayor knows that there are three branches of government. She VETOED the piece of legislation granting a senior citizen discount based on the opinion of her Law Department that it would be unconstitutional. Isn't that an issue for the courts to decide? The Law Department actually gave that same opinion during the Council Meeting, but it was dismissed as being loaded with the ulterior motive of just throwing up another roadblock to strong-arm the Council into giving the Mayor her way.


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