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Friday, December 19, 2003

|| 6:23:17 PM
The Showdown that Never Was

Today, the Mayor and the City Council met to help settle the score over the ongoing battle raging around the city's water and sewer rate increase. It appeared that one of two things would happen: (1) the two sides would even more clearly define their battle lines, or (2) the two sides would patch things up and reach a compromise. Neither was the case.

Council members supporting the package passed by the City Council on December 2 had invited Shirley Franklin to "come to the table" to discuss the impasse. They had hoped to get more information to back up the Mayor's plan.

Instead, Shirley simply presented, yet again, her originial $3.2 Billion package to fix the sewers, just in case any Council members didn't fully grasp it the first dozen times she's presented it.

Most disappointing about the meeting was the fact that some of the Mayor's most vocal critics sat silent throughout the entire meeting. I had hoped Derrick Boazman would make a spectacle of himself as he sometimes does to my amusement.

Franklin needs just one Council member to switch sides to pass her rate hike. Six of the eight who opposed her say their minds have not been changed.

"Did you hear anything different?" asked C.T. Martin.

In reference to impending missed deadlines mandated by the federal government, Councilman Boazman said, "If we miss that deadline, it ain't because we had to. It's because the administration chose to." Exactly.

City Council president Cathy Woolard says she will not call a special meeting before the next regularly scheduled meeting on January 5 to consider an alternative plan.


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