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Thursday, September 09, 2004

|| 10:16:21 AM
Resurecting the Dead

The Democrats sure are spending a lot of time listening to Jimmy Carter these days. To me that is illustrative of just what a mess the Democrats are in right now. They are in a panic as dilusional as the most hardened psychopath.

A lot of people have responded better than I can about Carter's letter to Zell chastising him for breaking ranks. One of the best is this from Discount Blogger which sums up nicely Carter's displaced loyalty to the party. The jist of Carter's admonishment is that Zell should be loyal to the Democratic party without a single thought to what is best for America.

Then, there's this reminder from James Taranto about Carter's being pimped out by the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Carter points out that Zell was invited to the Republican convention "only because you are a democrat" and "only because you are against Kerry." But the Nobel committee said of Carter's award that it "should be interpreted as a 'kick in the leg' to current President George W. Bush's 'belligerent' foreign policy." So if Zell betrayed his Party, did Carter betray his country?

Carter should stick to building houses for Habitat for Humanity which he does very well. It would also suit me if he stuck to appeasing dictators throughout the world, which he does not so well. Just look at the ridiculous election in Venezuela that he endorsed as honest, legitimate and democratic. We now know that it was a corrupt sham and Carter is in bed with thugs like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Now, who's not being the team player?

Bottom line is this: Carter is, arguably, the worst President we have seen in our lifetime. He wasn't even invited to the Democratic party until most recently. Now all of a sudden, he's offering advice to other policians? Huh? Zell Miller, oh the other hand, has an approval rating among his constituents in the high 60s. So, by all accounts, he would be re-elected today. Carter never had an approval rating that high in his entire political career.


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