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Thursday, September 09, 2004

|| 10:23:02 PM
Libertarian Lunatics

I have voted Libertarian in the past three national elections, and any other time I see a Libertarian candidate on a local ballot. Until now, I had planned to vote Libertarian again, much to the dismay of my Democratic friends who accuse me of wasting my vote at their expense.

The arguments for a Libertarian vote despite the horrible brand image of the party will keep for another post another day. Today, Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate for President, has given me a reason to reconsider my loyalty.

Posted on Badnarik's Campaign Website is a press release written by Stephen Gordon, Badnarik's communications director which begins with an innocent enough fundraising appeal in honor of the third anniversary of 9/11.

After the first paragraph, things start to go sour. Gordon states, "primary consequences of 9/11 are the War in Iraq and the Patriot Act, policies which Bush and Kerry support but Badnarik adamantly opposes." Funny, I thought the primary consequence of 9/11 was 3,000 dead bodies, 4 crashed airliners, and the unprovoked attack on America. Libertarians were usually successful at staying above the fray that taint the other parties. The Libertarian party has now officially joined the left wing nuts who Blame America First.

Gordon goes on to invite supporters to a campaign event "coincidently scheduled for September 11, wearing some clothing article colored black to mourn the deaths of the thousands of people who have died as a result of U.S. government policies" (emphasis mine). Does the Badnarik campaign really think we are stupid enough to believe they are asking for donations ending in $9.11 and hosting a related campaign event that is just "coincidentally" scheduled for September 11?

But the main point here is the request to wear black clothing to mourn the deaths caused by the U.S. government rather than the deaths caused by the peaceful religion of Islam, Al-Qaeda and other murdering thugs. Perhaps the Libertarian party is just as loony as folks say they are. We can honor our fallen heroic sons and daughters during any of the other 364 days of the year. But, it is sick for the Libertarian party to blame America for a war we didn't start.

After being called on the carpet, Gordon makes a futile and sad attempt to recover and explain himself but the horse is out of the barn and the Badnarik Campaign has shown its true colors. Despite the title of Gordon's rebuttle, I consider myself someone who "gets it" but is practical enough to see beyond the philosophically pathological suicide.

We were united three years ago more than anytime in my lifetime. It is only because of anti-American sentiment like that spewed forth by the likes of Stephen Gordon that we are not united today. Go throw your campaign event at an Al-Qaeda training camp... and count me out of your ranks for this election.


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