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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

|| 10:44:04 AM
Bar crowd kills man over a cigarette. If only they had a smoking ban in Cleveland. Afterall, smoking kills.

Bush: No apology, no retreat on Iraq. Is the AJC suggesting that there should be an apology or retreat on Iraq? I'm not sure why President Bush even wasted his time with such a worthless organization as the UN.

"A subdued U.N. audience offered polite applause at the end of Bush's speech." Has anyone ever seen a UN audience that wasn't subdued? Of course very few of these "news" stories points out that it is UN protocol not to interrupt speechs with applause and to applaud politely at the end.

Perhaps President Bush should have called out Kofi Annan for helping Saddam Hussein steal food from babies.

Kentucky Town Is Overrun With Gray-Haired People On Scooters. Ah, our government at work! I have a personal disdain -- actually more of an obsessive rage -- against people on scooters. I know there are some (very few) that are medically necessary, but most are used to haul around their lard ass owners who can't walk to the mail box without an oxygen tank. And our government will pay for it, much to the delight of these blue hairs in Kentucky. I agree with the Mayor... the federal government caused this problem, now they need to come to this Kentucky town and fix it.


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