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Friday, September 24, 2004

|| 10:46:25 AM

Just another reason why the bogus war on drugs is a really stupid idea. Another productive life destroyed by a government jobs program called the war on drugs.

FareinHYPE 9-11
I never went to see that venomous filth spewing forth from fat-ass Michael Moore called Fareinheit 9-11. But I did have fun distributing this rebuttal to all of my friends. But, here's a movie that I will definitely pay money to see.

One Moron, One Vote
Neal Boortz has written an article about something I've thought a lot about. In fact, I just had a conversation about this with one of my liberal friends last night. Interesting that most Americans believe the right to vote by mass rule is a God-given right but it shows up nowhere in our Constitution. Of course, that's why most Americans also do not understand the purpose of the Electoral College. Anyway, I rather like the idea of voting as shareholders in America. My plan didn't include the giving away of a "free" vote by virtue of the fact that you are a citizen as Neal suggests but I can buy that. But one vote for every dollar you pay in actual taxes is a very intriguing idea to me.

Hey, I thought the Economy Sucked?
The AJC (via AP) reports today that there are 313 billionaires in the US right now. Thats up +51 from last year. But how the hell did this happen when the economy sucks so bad? And so much for that tired "rich getting richer" claim from Kerry & Co. There are MORE rich people (51 more at least), not just the SAME rich people.

The Stupidity of Smokers... This one should be Mother of the Year


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