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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

|| 1:34:21 PM
From Monday's AJC Vent

"For all of you who have been hit by the hurricane, we're sorry. But we've sent all of your relief money to Iraq."

Excuse me?!?!? Your relief money???? This is a prime example of the welfare entitlement mentality that infects this country's work ethic today. I wonder how many people would continue to build and rebuild their homes in areas prone to hurricanes if they knew the federal government would swoop in each time to steal money through taxation from other Americans to rescue them financially? No one ever seems to weigh the risk of their choices until it's too late.

And some presumably "poor" not-too-brite bozo in Alabama had this to say about his disappointment in the state's relief efforts: "Poor folks have a hard time getting around with no gas." Funny, rich people seem to be able to drive forever with no gas.


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