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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

|| 1:56:17 PM
Smoking Ban sent back to committee

...where it will hopefully stay. Seems our City Council can't get their arms around what constitutes a bar. If they can stall long enough, it won't matter, as the Georgia General Assembly will, in all likelihood, pass a statewide ban next year leveling the playing field for everyone. Even so, it's still a horrible idea. I loved all the people who marched up to the City Council meeting to speak about the "public health issue" this presents -- especially the fat cow who couldn't catch her breath (I think she represented the American Cancer Society) after hurrying to the meeting. "Excuse me, I'm out of breath...," she said in the middle of her comments. That's because your lard ass is a public health issue! And she wants to legislate how others should live healthier lives?!? HA!


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