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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

|| 10:07:28 PM
What's not to love about the FairTax?

I just finished reading The FairTax Book. We are as close to building the momentum to get this thing passed, and thus change our lives forever, as we ever have been. This is, in my opinion, the most important issue of our time. It's more important than the War on Terror, more important than Social Security Reform, more important than Stem Cell research, more important than Gay Rights, and more important -- believe it or not -- than Steriod Use in Professional Sports.

I've already passed the book on so that more people can realize what an incredible plan this is ... and I've asked for it back so I can pass it on again and again.

I've bought a copy for Congressman John Lewis (D-GA). Generally speaking, I love Congressman Lewis. I write to him often and I usually get exactly the response I expected and hoped for. But, when I wrote to him about the FairTax, I was disappointed that he chose to spread lies about the plan in his response to me. The money quote from his letter is:

"Among other things, H.R. 25 would reapeal the income tax, abolish the Internal Reveue Service, and by doing so, would deprive this nation of much needed funding for esentially all critical federal programs."

Anyone who reads H.R. 25, knows immediately that the bill and the FairTax is desiged to be revenue-neutral. Not a single federal program -- we could debate the label of "critical" on most of them -- would go without funding. The government would receive the same amount under the FairTax that it does today. So, Congressman Lewis has either not read the bill, or is intentionally misleading his constituents about it. I've requested a meeting with him at his district office in Atlanta to discuss the matter.


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