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Friday, October 14, 2005

Thanks to Joseph for pointing this post out from DecaturGuy.

Atlanta Public Affairs: Atlanta City Council Takes Chicken Shit Approach. Interesting observation. I don't know if holding the vote on the day before election is chicken shit or courageous. I think the people for whom this is really a pivotal issue will take the initiative to find out how their council person voted. We'll know instantaneously on Channel 26 and it'll surely be on the 11pm news that night.

DecaturGuy also has some interesting observations on the District 6 Council race here and here. I'm still undecided in this race. Generally speaking, I vote against incumbents... and I definitely have my disagreements with Anne Fauver. But, she's done a good job on the budget and she supports the parking deck and the Beltline (both of those projects are pluses in my book).

Most gay people are blind politically. Anne Fauver has good name recognition. And most gays I talk to still think Shirley Franklin is a gay heroine. So, I think Anne will be victorious. But, we shall see...


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