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Saturday, October 08, 2005

e-Plate | electronic vehicle identification Is there anyone that can think Electronic License Plates are a good idea?

Found at Strange New Products
E-Plates are license plates that contain an electronic tracking system. As you drive your car around, the e-Plate will register itself with sensors mounted on bridges, overpasses, and other structures throughout streets and highways.

What this means is that we'll all be driving much more safely, the world will be less reliant on fossil fuels, our local governments will no longer be in debt, and insurance companies will know better how to serve us.

* Transportation departments will be able to monitor traffic flows in real time. They can identify places where traffic is flowing much faster than the posted speed limits, and law enforcement officers can be dispatched to those areas, ensuring that all commuters are getting to their destinations safely.

* Insurance companies will be able to view travel history for any specific automobile, noting miles travelled and speed limits breached, and adjusting premiums accordingly.

* Taxation and revenue departments can even use this information to determine which drivers consume the most gasoline, allowing them levy tiered tax rates on the most glutton of drivers.

* Motor vehicle departments can easily identify moving automobiles whose registrations have expired, generating an automated citation, and providing local governments with an easy method of boosting their revenues.

You think I'm being absurd? Take a look at the company's website, click on "Government", and read what it says.
Although presented in a happy, utopia sort of way, this can never be a good thing. Why don't they just imbed the tracking devices in our bodies? Oh.... that's probably next.


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