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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I watched the Brand Atlanta pep rally held at City Hall on Monday (AJC coverage here). Everything about it just made me yawn. It seemed awkward and poorly planned. And what was up with Lisa Borders trying to talk so ghetto during her speech???

If the campaign committee really looked at over 100 logo designs, I would hate to see the losers. This logo doesn't covey ANYTHING about the city. Before you can brand something, you have to have a product. We have a great airport that makes it easy to travel here for conventions. But what else? Exciting night life? Nope. A cultural mecca? Nope. Beaches? Nope. Gambling? Nope. An aquarium and Coca-Cola are not going to pull people from around the world here.

The city's lack of character and excitement falls directly in the laps of the mayor and city council for the devastating blows they have dealt to anything exciting in this city. Shirley can compare this campaign to "What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas" but my prediction: this will flop miserably.


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