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Monday, October 24, 2005

Gay rights group gives nod to Fauver | Overall we've got it pretty good here in the Gay-T-L. And when we've got it so good, we can afford to nitpick a little bit.

But Georgia Equality apparently thinks things are pretty much Shangri-la in Atlanta for gay folks. With only one exception, GE's endorsements for upcoming City of Atlanta elections encourage us to maintain the status quo on Trinity Street. I've written before about gays in this ciity being asleep at the wheel when it comes to elections. Most gay people just go with the flow and don't take the time to learn what the candidates are really about.
“I was amazed and appalled at the incumbents who have worked against equality for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Georgians and then turned around and asked us to endorse them,” said Chuck Bowen, executive director of Georgia Equality.
I'm more amazed at the incumbents who have worked against equality for LGB (sorry, I STILL REFUSE to include the T) Georgians and Georgia Equality endorsed them anyway!

For Mayor, Georgia Equality predictably supports Mayor Franklin. Even though I still contend that she is not the heroine of the gay community that she would like us to think she is... or that the gay community drools over hoping she is... she is definitely an easy victory. She's a great mayor by all accounts -- including my own -- but she doesn't measure up when you look strictly at her record on gay issues. In such a sure race, why doesn't GE just remain silent unless there is a truly compelling reason to go all out for the candidate. Shirley courted our vote and then turned her back on us in the Druid Hills case. She also allows her Police and Fire departments to harrass us in our own community -- or at least remains silent while they do so. Recent weeks have seen her police officers and firemen essentially raid Metro and Blakes over "fire code" overcrowding. I wonder if they also shut down East Andrews?

But I digress...

Georgia Equality gives a nod to Lisa Borders for City Council President -- another easy win with no real competition. But, hey, she marched in the gay pride parade, so she MUST deserve our support.

Uncontested incumbents Carla Smith from District 1 (a no-name "yes woman" at City Hall if there ever was one), Natalyn Archibong of District 5 (Do they even have gay people in District 5?), and Felicia "I'm Confused" Moore of District 9 get a thumbs-up from GE.

District 2 has an interesting race, all with unknown entities since Debbie Starnes isn't seeking re-election. In this race, GE did what it had to do... how could they NOT endorse someone named Kwanza?

I really wish I knew more of the story in District 4. I like the incumbent, Cleta Winslow with her hair that reminds me of Grace Jones and her manly mustache. But, this is one race where GE says throw out the incumbent and elect Kevin Edwards (who I know nothing about).

Probably the most intriguing race for gay folk is District 6, where most of us live and we have two gay candidates going head to head. GE wants us to overlook the fact that Anne Fauver sold us down the river in the Druid Hills case and tucked her tail in shame of us in the bar closings legislation. They'd like for us to re-elect her.

Howard Shook gets the shaft in District 7. Even though he's running unchallenged, GE did not endorse him.

C.T. Martin of District 10 refuses to answer the questions put to him by GE so he gets the cold shoulder too. There's a gay man running against him, but he's probably a liar.

I do hope GE gets their way in District 12. Derrick Boazman is a dispicable representation for our city, but having him at City Council meetings is just so much damn fun. GE is willing to sacrifice lesbanian Keisha Waites for the entertainment.

The most amazing endorsement of all by Georgia Equality has to be that of Mary Norwood. She's happy to wave to us in the gay pride parade as long as we don't get too close and she can run back to her lovely little straight life behind the picket fence of Buckhead when she's done. SHE'S THE ONE who shut down Backstreet, closed our bars just when things are starting to get interesting, and practically eliminated Sunday night partying because nothing good ever happens after midnight in Mary's world. She'd also like for us to stop having sex if it wouldn't be too much inconvenience.

So GE hopes things will remain the same for Mayor, City Council President, Districts 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, and At-Large Posts 1, 2 and 3.

And they probably will. Yaaaawwwwn....

As boring as things seem, there was something really radical and exciting about the endorsements... something so cutting edge it will blow your mind. Gerogia Equality's own press release calls it an "unusual twist." Are. You. Ready. For. This!??!?! Georgia Equality endorsed "at least two Republican candidates."


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