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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kaiser Foundation Daily HIV/AIDS Report | Senate Rejects Coburn Spending Bill Amendment To Transfer $60M From CDC Construction, Renovation Project to ADAP Tom Coburn (R-OK) is quickly becoming one of the greatest heroes American taxpayers have ever seen. Coburn now has his eyes set on $60 MILLION that is earmarked for the CDC to build "a Japanese garden and a stream on the agency's Atlanta campus." So we have Saxby Chambliss defending a $60 MILLION "gazebo of some sort" which would be "a nice place where employees [of the CDC] could go out in the open air and have lunch."

How nice.

Coburn, on the other hand, would like to give that money to ADAP which provides HIV medications to low-income, uninsured people who are HIV+.

Unfortunately, Coburn's efforts failed 14-85 with even the vast majority of Democrats -- who are supposed to be champoins for the poor, less fortuate and who say they want to make health care for eveyone a basic human right -- voting to kill the amendment.


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