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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform The Tax "Reform" Panel has caved. Indications are that their "tough choices" and "courageous reforms" will amount to nothing more than tax increases on the filthy rich and evil businesses.

Here's the email from this morning:

-----Original Message-----
From: FairTax []
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 8:17 PM
To: Adam
Subject: FairTax to tax reform panel: Your report of our death is an exaggeration.*

Hello, Adam:

Yes, today the tax reform panel showed it was simply a "Washington-as-usual" panel.

How shall we react?

You might be angry. I am.

So let's direct our anger at the correct target.

Direct that anger at the panel -- and nowhere else.

But don't bother to communicate with the panel.

They have shown their true colors.

I suggest you communicate with the office of your congressman, Rep. John Lewis.

To be perfectly clear, let me say that a different way.

Do not direct your anger at your congressman, but do communicate to your congressman or his/her tax aide how fed up you are with the lack of leadership from the panel.

Tell them you are now looking for that leadership to come from your congressman.

You are looking for leadership from the House of Representatives and its Ways & Means Committee.

Tell them that "tinkering-in-the-margins" tax reform will not fly with you. We've already had that and it only makes the situation worse. It only makes America less free, less competitive in world markets, and costs jobs.

That Steve Forbes can't sell his flat tax, just like he can't sell his flat tax book, in your backyard.

That the French value-added-tax (VAT) will never serve this freedom-loving land.

That you want leadership from your congressman to get us the FairTax.

If he/she is a co-sponsor, time for leadership.

If he/she is not a co-sponsor, time for leadership!

Then go buy 10 more "The FairTax Books" and send them to 10 more friends.

Very best regards,

Thomas A. Wright
Executive Director

*I stole Mark Twain's idea with the subject line quote. The exact quote from Twain was, "The report of my illness grew out of his [a cousin's] illness; this report of my death was an exaggeration." Humor is important to successful communication. You may be angry but keep your good humor.
Incidentally, if you do contact Congressman Lewis' office, he will LIE to you regarding what the FairTax will actually do to our economy. In his letter to me, he told me how H.R. 25 (The FairTax bill) will deprive this government of much needed funding for critical programs -- ignoring the FACT that the FairTax is revenue-nuetral and will provide the same level of funding. So, politicians will still be able to build bridges to no-where. He will also tell you that the FairTax rate is really 30%, not 23%, ignoring simple rules of basic mathematics.

I've requested a meeting with the Congressman to discuss these lies, but he has ignored my request.


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