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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In an email today from The Beltline Partnership, they extended the following thanks:

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive turnout at the City Council Public Hearing. In the 4 hour session, 4/5 of the speakers expressed their support for the BeltLine and the BeltLine TAD.
But last week's AJC story didn't sound so optimistic about the Beltline...

Advocates had hoped the Atlanta City Council would vote Oct. 17 to create the tax district.

But the Beltline ran into a mountain of questions last week during 10 hours of discussions by council members. The council scheduled additional fact-finding meetings for Thursday and dates to be announced. Now, the earliest expected voting day is Nov. 7, the day before city elections.

Whether the council will consider such a controversial issue before the election is anybody's guess.
So which account is correct? Probably somewhere in the middle. I rarely trust anything the AJC says, but perhaps the "mountain of questions" the AJC refers to came from eternally-confused council members like Felicia Moore:

"I like the pretty pictures," Moore said. "But how do we make amendments to the legislation?"
Poor Felicia, she can never seem to understand the parliamentary procedure and how the meetings are run.


You should check out the post DecaturGuy at Atlanta Public Affairs did on this subject.

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