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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Judge Throws Out Charge in Gay Attack | There is justice in the world. There's more about this here (which requires an annoying log-in, so use and here. The short version is that a kid in Philly tried out for American Idol. Afterwards, he was walking to meet some friends to tell them the excitement. A group of teenagers start harassing him and calling him "faggot", etc. He tries to run away and they jump him. He stabs one with a pocketknife and the thug dies. He sat in jail for manslaughter because his family couldn't raise the money for his bail.

Now, a judge has thrown the manslaughter charge out. Good. Justice is served. This kid actually did us all (straight and gay) a favor. The world is rid of another scum bag and all is well.


I was really upset about that story--I couldn't believe that the DA was actually trying to charge the kid with manslaughter. Glad to hear that the charges were dismissed!

By Blogger Joseph, at 11/10/2005 08:32:00 PM  

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