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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm in Philly right now for a week of classes at The Wharton School. I came in a day early just to play in the city for a while. I really like it here. It's a great walking city...

I spent Saturday wandering around Old City and hanging out at the National Constitution Center. I didn't feel like standing in line to see the Liberty Bell, so I settled for looking at it from the sidewalk through a window. I even stumbled across the Real World Philadelphia house, right beside the Betsy Ross house. No sign of Willie -- drats!

Dinner Saturday was at Morimoto's Restaurant. Yumm! I had the omakase (tasting menu) and it was worth every penny of the three-figure bill. Absolutely incredible flavors.

I'm rather unimpressed witht he Gayborhood here. Just doesn't really seem to be very vibrant.

Today before my classes started at Wharton, I walked -- yes, walked (the natives here can't believe it) -- to South Philly. All I wanted was a real Philly Cheesesteak. So, I went to the places where the cheesesteak supposedly began -- the corner of 9th and Wharton St. The most famous cheesesteaks in the world are made by two rivals -- Geno's and Pat's. I started off at Pat's "King of Steaks". I stood in the LONG line and practiced ordering -- you gotta get it right or go to the end of the line. I successfully ordered a "Wiz Wit" -- a Philly Cheesesteak with Onions and Cheeze Wiz. I was hesitant about the Cheese Wiz, but that seems to be how they eat them here. As if that didn't totally fill me up, I crossed the street to Geno's Steaks and ordered another "Wiz Wit" for my taste test. Hey, I came all this way and couldn't have one without the other. Geno's wasn't as intimidating with the ordering process and were generally nicer, although the line wasn't as long. An added bonus was the HOT Italian kid taking drink orders. He had Gotti hair and was mesmerizing.

Anyway, my conclusion for the best Philly Cheesesteak is Genos. The bread was more delicious, even though the sandwich wasn't as "juicy". Pat's is probably more famous, but Genos is the best for me.


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