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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

War has been declared. The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform issued their final report yesterday and essentially copied the 1986 Tax Reform Act. Take away a few deductions, flatten some tax rates, and call it tax reform. Trouble is that the 1986 "reform" has been amended over 10,000 times to carve our special exemptions for various groups.

So the battle is on for the FairTax. Supporters of it clogged the White House switchboard twice last week and will do it again and again this week. Call them at 202-456-1414 and tell George we're done with the current tax code.

Sure it's a long shot. The FairTax takes mucho power away from politicians. They can't protect their power base by giving up their ability to manipulate our tax code for the benefit of certain voting demographics and specific support groups. But we gotta do it!

As hard as we're fighting enemies abroad, we're losing the war on internal threats to our economic security. Destruction from Within -- read it all.


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