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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I haven't seen much about this... even Google only comes up with 65 results. Thanks to Towleroad for turning me on to it.

A new series of Swiss Banknotes features a microscopic picture of the AIDS virus. The Swiss National Bank intends to introduce the new series by 2010. Eariler this year, twelve designers were invited to submit designs representing "Switzerland open to the world". You can see the entire slate of winners here. The designs could not represent individuals, inventions or achievements.

Not everyone is happy with the designs.

Since my first visit to Switzerland in 1999, I have always thought their money was some of the most georgeous in the world. Indeed, the rest of the world makes our currency look entirely hum-drum and boring. So why not make it cutting edge? I would expect nothing less of the Swiss. Perhaps handing over a bill depicting the AIDS virus after enjoying dinner with friends will remind people of the unseen and unspeakable horrors that many think have gone away.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Vent! | "Make a deal with millionaire Wayne Mason? Why don�t we just use eminent domain to get his Beltline property?"

The person who wrote this Vent may be the stupidest person in all of Atlanta. They clearly don't own any land. Eminent domain is the best example ever of abuse of government power. Let's see... Wayne Mason is willing to give the city land for the Beltline for FREE! You don't get anything for free without giving something in return. In return he wants some zoning allowances. Not a bad deal.

But this idiot wants us to "take" the land through eminent domain. But then the city would have to PAY for that land. Eminent domain is not a license for the city to steal.