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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I received this email from Kevin Cherry's campaign for Public Service Commission back when I was ranting and raving about Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor not showing up for Gay Pride this summer.
Kevin Cherry has been a long time libertarian. Under his leadership as the Chairman of the Douglas County LP, legislation was written by libertarians to limit eminent domain powers. This legislation was introduced in the GA General Assembly last summer. In the PSC you can count on Kevin to be a defender of private property rights and standing up to utility companies when it comes to eminent domain.

While Kevin is straight, he attended and his sons attended PRIDE in Atlanta this year for the third year in a row. He has gone in previous years to promote the Libertarian Party's outreach with Outright Libertarians. One thing that upset Kevin this year, was the amount of press coverage that was given to Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox for declining their invitations to PRIDE, yet candidates that were present were virtually ignored by the media. While many didnt feel that the PSC race has any bearing on Gay issues, Kevin said, "The Gay community pays electric bills too." Being gay myself, I'm proud to be working on Kevin's campaign, and have long valued his friendship.
Sounds like just the kind of guy we need at the PSC!


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